Timely brake control for your safety

Brake Discs and Pads

Factors contributs to faulty brakes
  • Number of kilometyers driven
  • The load carried by a vehicle
  • Frequency of braking while driving
  • Type of brake pads
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Braking System Malfunctioning
  • When braking, the disc brake rotors can produce unsettling screeches and squeals. Make sure to keep an ear out for these sounds when on the move.
  • If you notice your vehicle veering off course when braking, and if the stopping distance appears to have grown substantially - a brake service may be in order.
  • If you experience irregular sensations while depressing the brake lever, it may be an indicator of a larger issue.
  • If your vehicle is showing signs of wear in any braking component, from brake pads to ABS sensors, then rush down to my garage on Richmond Road. Make sure you get the best service at 157 Dublin 3 as soon as possible.