To your vehicle meets NCT requirements

Full NCT pre check

The Full Pre-NCT Check increase your chance of passing the test. Watch a projects
What does the Full Pre-NCT Check Include?
Test and check of

Suspension, computer, safety system, steering, brake system, steering wheel, lighting equipment, washer system, speedometer, horn, anti-theft devices, towing, indicators, electrical system, transmission, fluids level check, fuel system.

Inspection of

Tires, visibility of driver with tinted windows, windscreen wip, windscreen and mirrors, doors, locks, chassis, underbody, ersexhaust system condition and suitability, compliant registration plates, seats, safety belts, general bodywork.

Tyres check included
  • Tyre condition and correct specification
  • Tyre tread depth
  • Identification of suitable markings
  • Spare wheel and external carrier
  • Steering & Suspension
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